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LED-Light-Bulbs A big step faith communities can take towards reducing their carbon footprint is to reduce their energy consumption through efficiency and renewable energy measures. This win-win strategy reduces both carbon emissions and the size of utility bills and can generate enthusiasm throughout the entire house of worship for “going green”.

Ohio Interfaith Power and Light’s Energy Stewards program connects the faith community with available technical and financial resources to implement energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

OhIPL helps faith communities to set goals, track energy usage, and find effective ways to save energy and be good stewards.

You can familiarize yourself with the Energy Stewards program offered by OhIPL by reviewing the slides below:

You’ll want to determine if the host faith community you are working with has an interest in reducing their energy consumption through energy efficiency efforts. If there is interest in this activity, you may want to encourage them to form an Energy Usage TEAM and have members complete the Energy Usage Team worksheet.

CLICK HERE for the Energy Usage Team worksheet.

To connect the host faith community to the Ohio Interfaith Power & Light Energy Stewards program, you can contact your OhIPL contact person or the OhIPL Technical Consultant, Craig Foster, at [email protected].

What is “benchmarking”? Benchmarking is the ongoing monthly review of energy performance to determine if a building is getting better or worse in comparison to itself, other buildings in the portfolio, and/or peers. OhIPL’s Energy Stewards program offers the ability to benchmark energy usage in Houses of Worship.