As we end 2018, Ohio OFSC is featuring some motivational quotes around the theme “We Are All Connected”. Below are some chosen inspiring quotes from supporters. Leave your quote in the comment section below, or go to our Facebook page and add your own quote there! We all could use a little inspiration! Why does the quote inspire you and why are you called to do the work of climate justice?

Submitted by Meribah Mansfield, Ohio OFSC Board Co-Chair

Having been involved with Ohioans for Sustainable Change for over 10 years,  I have become aware of the intersection of racial justice and eco-justice and have come to understand that the more that we care for each other, the more we care for creation, and vice versa. I more fully appreciate the beauty of creation when I see the beauty in myself and in all of God’s children, including all gender identities, colors, races, sexual orientation and classes. As James Cone said in his Sojourners article, “Whose Earth is it Anyway?”: “The fight for justice cannot be segregated but must be integrated with the fight for life in all its forms.”
~Rev. Meribah Mansfield, Ohio OFSC Board Chair

Submitted by Meribah Mansfield, Ohio OFSC Board Co-Chair

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
–Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970s

This quote, generally attributed to Lilla Watson but appropriately born from a collective process, lived inside of me long before I knew someone had already come along and articulated it. In the same way that planets curve and mold the fabric of the universe, creating gravity that pulls on everything around them, every single thing I do impacts other humans and non-humans on this Earth. The things I say, the choices I make, and the problems I choose not to address can hurt other people, and so it’s only natural that we can better each others’ lives, as well. When we work for justice, we work together. When we work for safety, it’s each others’ safety. And when we fight for the climate, we fight for a planet we all share.


When we try to pick out anything by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” ~John Muir

The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whisperings of grasses, the shimmering of leaves.”

~Terry Tempest Williams

For our brief time on this wonderful planet, we must bow deeply to one another, to Earth, and to all other sentient beings, and resist with the power of love anything that creates or stands as a barrier between ourselves and the whole kingdom of life.”

~Alycee J. Lane