minor_rally_1A Call for Dialogue and Prayer

It was a beautiful day in Columbus as persons of faith from around Ohio came to the Statehouse to show support for a clean energy future. Nearly two hundred were present on the Statehouse lawn for the Rally and over sixty-five legislative visits were made expressing the need for Ohio to move forward on clean energy and “Unfreeze Ohio’s Clean Energy Standards”.

2016 speakersHere are some quotes from the inspirational leaders at the rally.

“This is a God-centered movement. Every spiritual group speaks to the care for creation. We must agitate until justice rolls down like water.” ~Dr. Tony Minor

“Pope Francis urges us to reduce carbon pollution…People of goodwill see this a a moral imperative. We must not delay.” ~Sister Leanne Jablonski

“Everyone must be a part of the dialogue…Moms, Dads, everyone…because it is a public health issue. It is up to our leaders to develop a strong place for energy investment in clean sources.” ~ Michele Timmons, Moms Clean Air Force

“God is with us. There can be hope and change when we do it together. Let’s not despair. It is time to raise your voice.” ~Rev. Peter Galbraith

“God is in our midst. We need to be mindful and purposeful of God’s creation. Restore the Standards; Restore Clean Air; Restore Good Jobs; Restore decent housing; Restore a promising future.” ~Rev. Deborah Conklin

“Creation is a gift from God. We are called to care for the gift. We must work together and tend together…It is Good…It is very Good.” ~Rabbi Michael Ungar

“God calls us to have affection to the Earth. When I become attached with places I inhabit, I am called to care for these issues…it’s the right thing to do!” ~Abigail Tamkin

The Rally closed with prayers by Trinity Lutheran Seminary student, Jered Howard, and a beautiful song– “It’s a Wonderful World”– led by Jen Miller of the Sierra Club.

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