Save Energy...Save Money...Save Creation

Ohioans for Sustainable Change Energy Stewards program connects the faith community with available technical and financial resources to implement energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

We tailor our approach to the needs of each house of worship.

We will work with your congregation to set goals, track energy usage, and find effective ways to save energy and be good stewards.*

Below, OFSC engineer, Craig Foster, leads the Redeemer Lutheran Green Team on a walk-thru energy assessment.  This Columbus congregation received a list of low/no cost items to save 10-15% of energy costs and capital projects to consider for additional savings.

Green Team: Your congregation will need to form a team of persons dedicated to reducing the energy usage of your congregation and encouraging other sustainable activities. OFSC can work with your congregation to develop this team and identify goals.

Energy Stewards® online software: This software platform, created specifically for houses of worship, helps your congregation to benchmark your utility use. OFSC can assist you in the initial data entry setup of your building on Energy Stewards®.

click here for the Energy Stewards® program overview and Partnership Agreement. Energility, an energy management firm, provides the support and assistance to congregations participating in Energy Stewards.

Walk-through Energy Assessment: If appropriate for your congregation, OFSC ‘s technical consultants can lead your team in a walk-through of your facility to review existing energy consuming equipment and identify low and no cost energy savings options that can quickly be implemented. The walk-through may also help to identify potential capital projects.

Detailed Energy Audit: If indicated by the Walk-through Energy Assessment, a Level 2 Energy Assessment can be implemented to study capital projects. This is a detailed engineering study, providing a full economic analysis of the projects. Your congregation will need to budget for and implement this audit. OFSC can assist your congregation in selecting a qualified engineer for the work and accessing potential rebates for the assessment.

* We recommend that congregations continue with the Energy Stewards program for at least two years to obtain the fullest benefit.

Here’s a recording of a webinar about how your House of Worship can conserve energy through the OFSC Energy Stewards program: