Energy Saver Home

An Energy Audit is a survey of the energy use in a home or facility to identify energy use inefficiencies. Typical energy audits reduce energy use 15%-35% and sometimes more!

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce your energy usage with your faith community or in your own home, you’ll find new ways to save energy!

For Houses of Worship

Here are some links to help you measure your house of worship carbon footprint and energy savings:

For Homes

Energy Profile is a program for AEP Ohio residential customers to learn how energy efficient your home is and possible rebates for financing your energy efficiency projects. It takes less than five minutes to start your home’s profile. click here to start!

Columbia Gas of Ohio offers home energy audits at a minimal cost. A Home Energy Auditor will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home, test gas appliances for safety, and perform tests to assess insulation levels, air leaks, and gas heating equipment efficiency. If you are in the Columbia Gas utility region, call 1-877-644-6674 to schedule a Home Energy Audit. Make sure you use promo code OFSC when you schedule the audit.

To join AEP’s Eco-Advantage Electricity Plan (Wind Energy),  clickhere. For the Green Energy Ohio flyer about this program, click here.

For GreenSpot information, go here.  Backyard conservation information for Franklin County from GreenSpot is here.

For a list of energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives and programs by utility (statewide), clickhere. (Developed for Energize Ohio by The OSU Extension and Green Energy Ohio)

A Do-it-yourself room by room home audit information can be found, here.

The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy offers a Home Energy Checklist for Action…what to do TODAY, what to do this WEEK, what to do this MONTH, and what to do this YEAR!