1. Very energizing. Useful speakers and ideas.”
    “Walking the walk–zero waste at a fabulous event.”
    “Being with like minded…gives hope.”
    “I liked being around people who genuinely shared the same values and ideals as me…was refreshing and hopeful.”

Ohioans for Sustainable Change, Green Energy Ohio, the School of Environment and Natural Resources, Climate Change Outreach Team, and Energy Services and Sustainability at The Ohio State University (main campus) partnered to present the Earthkeeping Summit on March 31, 2012 at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center at The Ohio State University.

A morning plenary session and afternoon workshops were offered to discuss the religious response to environmental issues, and offer resources and tools for Earthkeeping. Speakers included:

    • Jason E. Box, PhD, a climatologist at the Byrd Polar Research Center and Associate Professor of Geography at OSU. Dr. Box has made 19 expeditions to Greenland and is a leading researcher in climate change.
    • Nancy Sleeth, Program Director of Blessed Earth, a faith-based nonprofit focusing on environmental stewardship, brought the faith perspective.
    • William Spratley, Executive Director of Green Energy Ohio, shared the vision of renewable energy in Ohio.

Below are Summit materials, shared by the presenters.  Thank you to all the speakers and presenters for making these resources available to us.


We hope to extend the Earthkeeping Summit’s reach through our new Earthkeeping Webinar Series. Click here for more information.

Participants at the Summit shared actions they were going to take after attending the Summit. Here are some examples:

    1. Congregational

      • Help to start an environmental initiative in my congregation.
      • Follow-up on eco-liturgy options.
      • Work for change in our congregation.
      • Take steps towards having the congregation do an energy audit.
      • I’ll work with my congregation to do some community garden.
      • Take the ideas back to church


      • Write my political leaders about today’s topics and request change.
      • Ask my congregation to sign an advocacy card about the national industrial carbon pollution bill.


      • Read the two books I got today and think about sustainable living
      • Continue to keep my drive to unite with others and make lasting change
      • Think about my consumption and how it affects others and world and then help others to think, too.
      • Figure out small ways to make a difference like buy local food, bring my own mug to coffee shops, etc.
      • Put all the websites I received today on my Facebook page.
      • More contemplation.
      • I have a lot of thinking and soul searching and praying to do about action I will take going forward.
      • Share ideas gained. Do more investigating of issues raised today.
      • Attend the next Summit.
      • I plan to get involved in OFSC .