Cool Harvest is a food, faith and climate program by Ohioans for Sustainable Change It is for congregations interested in responding to climate change through educating their members about climate-friendly food choices and engaging them in activities, such as organic gardening, that can inspire and have a positive impact.

Modern agribusiness — that favors toxic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, GMO foods (genetically modified), distant farm-to-plate transportation, and the factory farming of animals — exacts a heavy toll on the atmosphere. It is estimated that nearly one-fifth of climate change pollution comes from the food

Cool Harvest features free downloadable kits with great garden ideas for a cooler planet, ways to make climate-friendly food choices, and companion DVDs at a special reduced price.

Holding a Cool Harvest Potluck is the perfect fit for faith communities that love food, and are also concerned about global warming. Follow the 5 easy steps in this guide to plan and host your own Cool Harvest Potluck for friends, green team members, or for your entire congregation. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to address climate change click here.

For more information about the resources available, including movies, recipes, downloadable kits click here.