We are grateful to the many organizational partners who are supporting OFSC through grants, contributions, partnerships in programs, and program assistance. Click on the logos for more information about these organizational partners.

If your organization, faith community, or company would like to contribute to the mission of OFSC , endorse our work, or be a partner in a program, please contact Archbishop Marcia Dinkins, Director, at mdinkins@ohipl.org

Interfaith Power and Light

The mission of Interfaith Power and Light is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. This campaign intends to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard the health of all Creation, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all. OFSC is a state affiliate of Interfaith Power and Light.

Ohio Council of Churches

The mission of the Ohio Council of Churches is to make visible the unity of Christ’s church, provide a Christian voice on public issues, and engage in worship, education and service. 

 Faith Communities


Energy Stewards