OhIPLwindowOhio Interfaith Power and Light’s (OhIPL) mission is to: provide a religious response to climate change through the use of renewable energy, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. Founded in 2007, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light (OhIPL) is a diverse community of people of faith motivated by a deep sense of shared purpose: to address the urgent challenge of climate change for the sake of creation, the vulnerable and generations to come.

Using the tools of education, networking, energy stewardship and public policy engagement, OhIPL is a catalyst helping individuals and congregations grow in their response to climate change and to ally with like-minded individuals and groups. OhIPL’s ultimate goal is to arouse and equip the best talents of Ohio’s religious community to overcome the preeminent moral challenge of our time!

OhIPL is part of the national Interfaith Power & Light network of state affiliates with a common commitment to address climate change as a moral issue.

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