1.  Complete the Sustainability Internship online Overview to gain a better understanding of the mission of Ohio Interfaith Power & Light and the role faith communities have in addressing environmental issues.

2. Meet with the member/s of the host Faith Community and determine who is your main point of contact. Share with them your background and your interest in sustainability.

3.  Develop a schedule to meet with the host community on a regular basis, depending on the hours required for your internship. Keep a log of the number of hours you spend planning and working with your Host Faith Community.

4.  Listen to the Host Faith Community’s needs and wishes–what sustainability activities might be of interest? Share the topics for the Audits Checklists (see the following lessons) and decide what activities could have priority in your work together.

4. Develop a “GREEN PLAN” with them. (Click here to download  GREEN PLAN TEMPLATE.)

5.  Check-in every 2 weeks with the OhIPL contact person assigned to your internship.

6. Take pictures and write-up stories as you meet and engage in activities or events with the Host Faith Community. Download these stories and pictures to a Google Doc folder HERE.

7.  At the conclusion of your internship, develop a one-page community profile of the host community that will be posted on the OhIPL website. If possible, also develop a video of the Host Community’s activities that can be posted.