Procter Center, a retreat center and affiliate of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, is involved in two main earth care efforts—gardening and energy efficiency (for info on gardening, please see the other Directory entry, “Procter Center – Gardening”).

The mission of Procter Center is to offer a “safe, inviting and spacious rural setting that cultivates spiritual formation, models sustainable living, and celebrates God’s love and reconciliation through hospitality, prayer, study, work and play.” Sustainability in energy use is carried out through energy efficiency measures in retreat, conference and office facilities.

Simple efforts to have been made to conserve energy through behavior change. Staff of Procter Center found it difficult to set the thermostat to pre-scheduled times (due to irregularity of work schedules and guest visits), so instead have made concerted mindfulness to lower temperatures whenever they are last to vacate a building. This simple routine has lowered energy use by 10% and resulted in yearly savings of ~$10,000—a significant amount!

Procter Center additionally has installed CFLs and incandescent lighting throughout its facilities. Staff have also committed to replacing aging heating/cooling equipment with energy efficient models.

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  • Energy Efficiency Annual Cost Savings (if applicable):$10,000
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