Surveys reveal that while 70% of Americans believe climate change is real, two-thirds of us rarely or never discuss climate change with close friends and family.

Ohioans for Sustainable Change (OFSC ) wants to change that. We believe faith communities are settings where we can discuss climate change in ways that encourage the sharing of values, concerns, and hopes. We can explore together our shared connections and responsibility. As Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-director of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology says:

Right now the climate discussions are driven by science, by economists, and by policy makers, all of which are absolutely crucial. But the behavioral changes, the moral sense of what is happening to the planet, is something that only the religions can bring in a certain way. Religions can raise a moral voice.

The Climate Conversations we are having around Ohio are critically important if we are to have a moral response to climate change that is affirming and respectful.

Some questions our Climate Conversations will explore are

What are your stories of connection, to one another and to the Earth.

What are you passionate about that you give your time, energy, and gifts to?

What do you think and feel about climate change?

How does what you care about connect to climate change?

Together, we will connect the dots between climate change, our stories of connection, and the need for moral action.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.--Martin Luther King, Jr.